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Trending Brand Milkadamia Launches Macadamia Nut Butter in Whole Foods

milkadamia, a global innovator in the production of macadamia nut oil products, has launched milkadamia Buttery Spread, a first-of-its-kind spread which is palm free and 100% plant-based, created with macadamia nut oil. The salted spread rolls out across 500 Whole Foods stores in the US this month and will later expand to further retail and food service in early 2020.

Following the launch of milkadamia milk products into Whole Foods in London, the brand continues its roll of success with this new butter alternative, created in response to consumer demand for vegan butter products.

The brand informs us that as well as rising demand from consumers, professional chefs have also been requesting a creamy, nut oil-based product which would not only stand on its own, but also have the taste, texture and consistency for cooking.

Milkadamia butter
Image courtesy of Milkadamia

CMO Christina Downey states that the company “grew out of a family farm, nestled near the rainforests of the eastern coast of Australia, where macadamias originate. As such when creating our buttery spread, it seemed the antithesis to develop one utilizing palm oil given the level of rainforest deforestation that crop has caused.”

She adds, “The response has been overwhelming by both the trade and milkadamia enthusiasts. Of course, like all milkadamia products the taste is exquisite. milkadamia buttery spread is rich, creamy and a tad bit decadent.”

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