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Veganz Expands Product Range into 3,200 Lidl Branches Across Germany

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Veganz Group AG, recently listed as a public company, announces it will expand its cooperation with Lidl as of 9 March 2020 with a selection of chilled products and products from the confectionery and snack category into over 3,200 Lidl stores in Germany.

Veganz Aufschnitt
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With a focus on meat and cheese substitutes, Veganz is expanding Lidl’s range of products by 18 climate-friendly, environmentally friendly plant-based products. Specifically, these include cold cuts as an alternative to sausage, gourmet slices and gourmets as cheese alternatives, and barbecues and crispy nuggets as a substitute for sausage and chicken nuggets. The additional promotional displays include six products from the confectionery and snack categories in various flavours.

Jan Bredack, CEO of Veganz Group AG: “We are pleased to expand our cooperation with Lidl as of 9 March 2020. After the first successful campaign placements last year, we see this agreement as the next important step to further increase our reach in retail and to continue our growth”.

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