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Vegedal – the French Fast Food Phenomenon That Copies the Big Mac to Perfection

This brand has been attracting attention in recent months thanks to its strong communication and its perfect copies of the great fast-food musts such as the Big Mac, the Filet-o-Fish and French Tacos. Vegconomist France went to meet the Vegedal team to understand this new phenomenon in vegan fast food.

A Parisian startup

“Vegedal was born on June 12, 2021. There are 2 founders including Samia Benyounes and a friend who prefers to stay in the shadows! We first opened with a physical restaurant and the success was immediate, we had to close after a month because we realised that the premises were too small and not functional enough for our kitchen teams and the public.

“We then changed our strategy and created a license thanks to the company Not So Dark in order to be able to deploy more quickly on the national territory, we were thus able to reopen on September 15th in a “dark kitchen” and the success was immediate, we even beat our record of orders! However, we are still working on opening a physical store in early 2022 in a larger space!

 Vegedal filet o fish
© Vegedal

“The advantage of plant-based food is that it brings everyone together around good food! Those who eat halal, kosher, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or simply carnist, there is something for everyone! At a time when the different communities and religions are fighting each other, we want to bring everyone together and make everyone happy!”

You won’t see the difference

“We were able to create an identical version of the McDonald’s Big Mac, which took several months, especially to create the perfect sauce. We are also the first and only company to make veggie French tacos and we were able to create the first veggie cheese sauce that is essential in French tacos.

“Our slogan is simply “you won’t see the difference”. With this slogan we promise that vegans and vegetarians will be able to recapture the pleasure they used to have when they went to the big fast food chains, but we also promise carnists that they will be able to get the same pleasure as elsewhere while lowering their meat consumption!”

Some key information about Vegedal

“We had several hundred orders since our opening in one week, nearly 40K followers on our networks in just over a month of activity and over 10 million views on the internet. Our difference: our unique and offbeat communication, our snack universe, we go against the grain, we are also the cheapest. All these details contribute to the development and democratization of the plant-based consumption mode.

© Vegedal

“Our strategy is 100% digital – we are 100% digital through our social networks! We have a very engaged community and have spent 0 euros on marketing through our social networks. We are very ambitious, so yes we would be happy to develop our franchise internationally, but above all we are very realistic. So before that, let’s not jump the gun and start developing on French territory!

“We are opening in several “spots” in Paris and in France in dark kitchens and we plan to open a physical store in early 2022.”

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