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Why it’s Important to Celebrate Vegan Cheese This National Pizza Month

Cheese is the third-largest food contributor to climate change: a pound of cheese requires ten pounds of milk to produce and creates 30 pounds of CO2, so one pizzeria’s yearly cheese supply generates about a ton of CO2 a year. Offering a plant-based cheese option is one simple solution that consumers can suggest to their favorite chains.

Pleese Foods is inviting both vegan and non-vegan consumers to try its products this October, as part of national pizza month in the US. The New York brand is asking consumers to direct their favorite pizzeria to the Pleese Website and the restaurant will get a free sample. This is an excellent initiative that other brands could follow – even if your chosen vegan cheese brand isn’t offering free samples, simply to make the suggestion to non-vegan pizzerias sets a precedent and might make a difference this pizza month.

The pandemic has brought sustainability into the forefront of consumer consciousness and states that “the growing health consciousness amongst consumers has led to the launch of gluten and dairy-free product variants, which are gaining rapid popularity among consumers. Innovative toppings, organic ingredients, and vegan options are also contributing to the extensive demand for frozen pizzas.”

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Such increased competition in the market has led to innovations with companies creating delicious plant-based options that are both satisfying vegans and encouraging meat-eaters to reduce their animal intake. 2019 saw the highest number of sales in pizza restaurants in recent years according to, and since then the pandemic has further fuelled the drive for home delivery options.

Adding a vegan cheese option to the menu of a popular pizzeria or delivery business can really make a difference and not only help to influence the market but can make a difference to the planet and help save animals. Suggest a vegan cheese option to your favourite place – and if you are a pizza brand that would like to offer a similar scheme and provide free samples this national pizza month, let us know!



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