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Wicked Kitchen’s “Game-Changing” Lupin-Based Ice Cream Coming to Kroger

Wicked Kitchen, a fast-growing vegan food brand, revealed it is launching a line of dairy-free ice cream crafted from lupin beans

Set to roll out in April, the new treats will be available at over 2,000 Kroger and Kroger-owned grocery stores across the US. The line will feature pints in Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough varieties, as well as three specialty cones and bars: 

  • Chocolate and Red Berry Cone – A gluten-free maize cone with sweet ice cream, red berry sauce and chocolate chips
  • Chocolate and Almond Bar – Vanilla ice cream and toasted almond pieces wrapped in a chocolate flavored coating
  • Berry White – Sweet vanilla ice cream and swirled berry sauce wrapped in a white chocolate coating with red berry pieces
Wicked Kitchen Ice Cream Cone
©Wicked Kitchen

A “true disruptor”

According to Wicked Kitchen CEO Pete Speranza, lupins provide a level of nutrition and creaminess unmatched by any other legume: “Our plant-based ice creams are true disruptors to the category,” Speranza recently told vegconomist. “We’re using a base made from the lupin bean, a legume prominent in Mediterranean cuisines that provides an astonishing richness to plant-based dairy products.”

Compared to other common plant proteins,  lupins contain more protein per serving than peas, chickpeas and even soy. They also provide a rich source of fiber and, according to Speranza, lack any unappealing aftertaste. 

Lupini or sweet lupin beans

A supreme bean

Thanks to their top-quality nutrition and functionality, lupin beans are quickly gaining popularity as a star protein ingredient. Last month, Australian startup Eighth Day Foods raised $1 million for its LUPREME® lupin-based protein, while food brands PLANT B and Mikuna released liquid vegan eggs and protein powder made from the plant. 

“This is a game-changer and Wicked will launch our first-to-market ice creams in the US this spring,” Speranza added. “They are so dreamy and creamy, no one who tries them will ever miss dairy ice creams again.”

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