Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

The Better Meat Co. Showcases Mycelium Foie Gras and Turkey at LinkedIn Headquarters

The Better Meat Co., the B2B fermented meat specialist, reveals it is debuting foie gras and turkey slices made from the company’s Rhiza mycoprotein at the LinkedIn headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. 

“We’re [recreating] a delectable experience in a humane and legal way.”

For one week, LinkedIn employees will be among the first to try the company’s mycelium-based products, including animal-free foie gras, a delicacy that is otherwise banned in California.

“It’s illegal in California to sell foie gras, so we’re harnessing the power of fermentation to recreate a delectable experience in a humane and legal way,” said Paul Shapiro, CEO of The Better Meat Co. “We’re honored to partner with Bon Appetit Management Co. to offer Linkedin team members a taste of the future.”

From steaks to seafood

Located in Sacramento, The Better Meat Co. produces a range of meat products using Rhiza – a protein ingredient derived from the underground root structures of mushrooms, known as mycelium. The company utilizes fermentation techniques to create a wide variety of fungi-based meat products, from whole steaks and chicken breasts to burgers and crab cakes.

Better Meat @ LinkedIn Campus
©Better Meat Co.

At LinkedIn, company staff will sample Better Meat’s foie gras and turkey sandwiches at an installation made to resemble a traditional butcher counter or deli, complete with meat slicer.
To create the foie gras, the company used its fermented mycelium as a base before adding special flavorings and fats to replicate foie gras’ infamous rich texture. 

Perfecting the product

Founded in 2018, Better Meat makes fermented mycoproteins for B2B use in blended or fully animal-free meat products. The company has already partnered with meat giants Hormel and Perdue, as well as vegan seafood brand The Plant Based Seafood Co.

According to Shapiro, the LinkedIn popup will help the company make ongoing improvements to its products.

Better Meat Vegan Foie Gras
Foie gras on toast ©Better Meat Co.

“Occasionally we release limited-time offerings of products that we make with our Rhiza mycoprotein solely to showcase the versatility of our ingredients,” Shapiro told vegconomist. ”In this case, we’re demonstrating that companies can make everything from animal-free foie gras to ‘turkey’ deli slices with our mycelium. We’ll keep on doing these limited-time offerings as new applications are perfected.”

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