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ENOUGH Announces Partnership With Peace of Meat Amid Asian Expansion 

Food tech startup ENOUGH has announced a “first-of-its-kind” collaboration with cultivated fat leader Peace of Meat. ENOUGH plans to create hybrid products with its proprietary mycoprotein and Peace of Meat’s cultivated fat biomass, while the company has also announced a commercial agreement in Asia.  

“More closely replicating the flavour and mouthfeel of conventionally produced chicken”

Currently building what is claimed to be the world’s largest new protein facility in the Netherlands, ENOUGH’s partnership with Peace of Meat – MeaTech’s wholly owned Belgian subsidiary – represents a potential new chapter in alt protein with the hybrid combination of mycoprotein and cultivated fat ingredients to add authentic meaty flavors to animal-free products. 

Enough process mycoprotein

ENOUGH has also announced a commercial collaboration agreement with DAESANG Corporation to address the rapidly growing market in Asia for non-animal protein sources. The partnership will explore commercial and supply chain collaboration focused on Asia, with ENOUGH undertaking R+D and pilot scale production of its mycoprotein at DAESANG’s facility in South Korea.

Commenting on the ENOUGH and Peace of Meat collaboration, Carlotte Lucas, corporate engagement manager at the Good Food Institute Europe said: “It’s really exciting to see companies collaborating and recognising the potential of what can be achieved by combining fermentation and cultivation – approaches that offer complementary but unique strengths. Combining the fibrous texture of mycoprotein with cultivated fat should be a recipe for more closely replicating the flavour and mouthfeel of conventionally produced chicken, in a far more sustainable way.” 

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