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MYCO to Launch “Britain’s Greenest Burgers” Created with Hooba Oyster Mushroom Mince

UK vertical farmer and producer MYCO has unveiled its plans to launch a new line of burgers made with Hooba, a protein mince made from oyster mushrooms. 

The anticipated launch comes after an undisclosed £1.5 million investment, that has enabled the company to move into full-scale production. 

“We are currently meeting with buyers and the initial noises are incredibly positive”

The UK firm states that the funding will allow it to meet the increasing demand for plant-based products with “Britain’s greenest burgers”. The burger range is expected to be ready by the end of March 2024.

“The investment is a real game-changer as it has allowed us to move full steam ahead with our full range. We are currently meeting with buyers and the initial noises are incredibly positive. The goal is a trade launch in March, followed by a national rollout in supermarkets across the UK over the course of the year,” shared MYCO chairman John Shepherd.

MYCO has announced that it has secured a former facility to transform it into a vertical production unit of oyster mushrooms and a product development facility.
Image courtesy of MYCO

“Britain’s greenest burgers”

The company’s plant-based protein, Hooba, is sourced from oyster mushrooms grown in AI-controlled, vertical farms at MYCO’s recently established production site in Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire. 

The oyster mushrooms are then transformed into a protein-rich meat replacement, with micronutrients such as antioxidants, niacin, vitamin D, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid.

The firm’s purpose built 20,000 square foot facility is the only one in the country farming and producing proteins under the same roof, claims the company. This unique setup ensures that Hooba has zero food miles, making it highly sustainable.

Hooba protein burger by MYCO

Praise at MYCO’s tasting event

During a highly attended industry event held at the Leeming Bar production site in January, the Hooba burger was hailed for its remarkable texture and mouthfeel, and was deemed as a favorite candidate for purchase, explains MYCO. 

In a similar triumph, the company’s burgers outperformed renowned brands such as Linda McCartney, Beyond Burger, and Plant Pioneers in a recent independent taste and sensory evaluation.

David Wood, former MD of VBites and now CEO of MYCO, comments that the feedback received confirms the uniqueness of the product and its potential to disrupt the plant-based market. He adds that the sustainable credentials of the burgers will further contribute to their success.

“Our goal has always been to create a plant-based range that had the same mouthfeel as meat, and we were thrilled that the judges also deemed the texture to be excellent,” says Wood.

“And the fact it beat some of the most established plant-based brands in Britain for texture and taste shows that it is the total package, and coupled with its unmatched eco-credentials, everyone at MYCO is confident that it will keep going from success to success.”

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