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Scientists Confirm MycoTechnology’s Potential to Nutritionally Outperform Animal Products

According to a new study published by the Journal of Food Science and Technology, MycoTechnology’s groundbreaking FermentIQ™ PTP protein powder unlocks competitive advantages for plant proteins and might help to overcome pressing issues faced by the industry today.

As the world’s leading explorer of mycelia, Myco Technology continues to make a dent in the food industry. Back in May, the Colorado-based foodtech company announced a joint venture with Oman Investment Authority (OIA) to use locally-grown dates in the production of mushroom-based protein. With plans to turn the novel protein into a commercially-available product by 2025, the company has now received scientific confirmation that it has the potential to outperform animal products.

Next-generation plant proteins by MycoTechnology

Due to MycoTechnology’s proprietary mushroom mycelia fermentation platform, next-generation plant proteins that are just as nutrient-dense as animal proteins are now attainable. As found by the study published in the journal Food Science and Technology, MycoTechnology’s FermentIQ™ PTP protein powder, which is made via mycelial fermentation of a pea and rice protein blend, was found to significantly improve amino acid absorption over the control protein blend. This implies that the protein produced by MycoTechnology may be at least as full and nourishing as that of animals.

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Based at the University of Illinois and Cornell University, the researchers also found that transforming the plant-based proteins with MycoTechnology’s patented fermentation process enabled 99.9% of the protein consumed to be digested. This paves the way for higher quality plant protein products in industries including sports, senior care, and fortified nutrition where enhanced protein absorption is particularly desired.

Early results of MycoTechnology’s product development tests, conducted internally and with customers, suggest that FermentIQ™ proteins may moderate water activity. According to CEO Alan Hahn, the company is currently working to prove this hypothesis.

Should the hypothesis be confirmed, this will mean a breakthrough for the plant-based nutrition industry, as the plant ingredient will help to extend shelf life and restrict the growth of mold in various food systems, perhaps enabling juicier finished goods, and solve pressing issues that food corporations are having with the present inflationary dynamics.

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Revolutionary FermentIQ™  takes centre stage at IFT Expo 2022

At the IFT Expo in Chicago, FermentIQ™  proteins will command the stage for MycoTechnology (July 11-13, 2022). The specialists from the exhibiting company will be on hand to talk about the results of the Illinois/Cornell study and how they apply to the creation of plant proteins with revolutionary advantages.

Additionally, Ryan Hutmacher, an award-winning chef and the man behind the Well Beyond Food initiative, will give daily live demonstrations at the booth. Chef Ryan will use FermentIQ™ plant proteins in nutritious meals along with MycoTechnology applications specialists.

Commenting on the potential of FermentIQ™, CEO Alan Hahn says: “Our FermentIQ™ proteins put us in a unique position to study and capitalize on the amazing potential of mushroom fermentation, to unlock value for both manufacturers and their consumers. Our study of how we can fully harness the power of our natural fermentation platform has only just begun. As the world’s leading explorer of mushroom mycelia, we continue our forage to discover – and bring to life – the wonders of mycelia to create better foods, and a better future.”

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