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Tetra Pak Collaborates with Mycoprotein Innovator Mycorena on “Ground-Breaking” Alt Protein Plant

Tetra Pak is to collaborate with Mycorena to build a greenfield production facility for fungi fermentation. With the goal of building a more resilient and sustainable global food system, the new facility will utilize Mycorena’s innovative fungi fermentation for alt protein food applications.

“Fungi fermentation is the future of the food industry”

The new plant, located in Falkenberg, Sweden, will produce a meat replacement product from fungi. The factory’s first phase will include mince-based products that will serve as ingredients for making alt meat products, with the fast-growing Mycorena also announcing plans to expand its production capacity and extend its geographical reach by opening new factories across Europe and Asia in the near future. 

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Packaging giant Tetra Pak’s relationship with Mycorena dates back to 2019 and forms part of the company’s ambition to reach net zero across the value chain by 2050. Fungi fermentation expert Mycorena recently developed what it claims is the first mycoprotein-based butter prototype, paving the way to alt dairy applications for its mycoprotein platform. The company also recently expanded its facilities making it Europe’s largest mycoprotein demo production facility currently in full operation. 

“Fungi fermentation is the future of the food industry and we are proud to be revolutionizing this space. This new fermentation facility is a state-of-the-art production plant, which provides us with a technology blueprint that will be further expanded in Sweden and replicated globally. For such an ambitious journey, Tetra Pak is the ideal partner for us, not only because of their cutting-edge expertise in processing, but we also have a shared ambition to develop a more sustainable food supply chain,” stated Dr. Ramkumar Nair, Founder and CEO, Mycorena. 


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