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ProVeg Initiative: More Plant-Based Meals in British Schools

“ProVeg is committed to making the plant-based lifestyle accessible to as many people as possible,” says Sebastian Joy, ProVeg Managing Director. A new ProVeg campaign is now trying to increase the availability of plant-based meals in British schools.

The ProVeg initiative School Plates is working with public schools, councils and catering companies to implement the project. In addition, a team of chefs and nutritionists has been recruited to support it.

“We’re starting with relatively minor, easy-to-implement tweaks, but these can make a big difference in so many ways,” says Jimmy Pierson, Director of ProVeg UK. The vegan meals will soon be offered daily in all schools where they are available. In addition, the plant-based meals are to be regarded as equivalent to the animal-based ones.

ProVeg has compiled comprehensive guidelines to ensure this. The aim is to promote the establishment of healthy food, partly to reduce the risk of obesity and other diseases. Since plant-based food is cheaper, the changeover also has a positive financial side-effect for schools.

ProVeg strives to minimize worldwide meat consumption. Entering schools and thus addressing the younger generation could be a very promising approach.

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