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Burger King Launches Big King Vegetal in Portugal, Debuts “Meat?” Ad Campaign

Article updated Jan 2024: Following the launch and success of the Big King Vegetal, Burger King Portugal trialed a 100% vegan pop-up location in Lisbon for an entire month. It’s unclear how the public reacted to the pop-up location, as there have been no further details, but it is clear that plant-based burgers are still incredibly popular in Portugal. Not only has Burger King continued sales of the Big King Vegetal, but the chain has also added the Big King XXL Vegetal, which it serves alongside a ‘whopping’ 18 other plant-based burger options. 

Burger King Portugal has launched a new meat-free option, the Big King Vegetal. It is the fourth plant-based menu item the fast-food chain has introduced in the country.

The new burger consists of two Vegetarian Butcher patties served on toasted sesame buns with onions, lettuce, cucumber, cheese, and Burger King’s signature sauce. Though the burger is described as “100% Vegetal”, it appears that the cheese is conventional dairy, while the sauce likely contains egg mayonnaise.

The other meatless options offered by Burger King Portugal are the Whopper Vegetal, Nuggets Vegetais, and Long Vegetal chicken-style sandwich. The Big King Vegetal is now available at the chain’s restaurants across Portugal.

Meatless options worldwide

Burger King has been increasing its meatless offerings across the globe, including in neighbouring Spain where it opened an entirely vegetarian popup last year. The chain has also revealed that it plans to drop some meat menu options and add new plant-based ones, with the goal of making its menu 50% plant-based by 2030. The move is part of Burger King’s efforts to improve sustainability.

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Ad campaign

Burger King has also recently launched a new ad campaign. Called “Meat?”, it features close-up shots of what appears to be beef but is actually red vegetables such as beetroot, red pepper, and radicchio. The campaign is intended to emphasise how closely plants can mimic meat, encouraging meat-eaters to give the chain’s plant-based burgers a try.

The campaign will run in print and on billboards in markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and Costa Rica.

“At Burger King, our plant-based products often feel, taste, and look like real meat, yet many guests are skeptical. We wanted to bring a visually powerful message that makes you reconsider that not everything in life is what it seems to be,” said Iwo Zakowski, head of global brand marketing at Burger King.

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