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Burke Corporation Launches Vegan Meat as Food Service Industry Adapts to Demand for Plant-Based

Burke Corporation, A subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corporation, has been supplying cooked meats to North American pizzerias for 40 years and now, in response to the changes in consumer diets, Burke has announces that it is to supply vegan meat alternatives too.

Powered by pea protein, Burke™ Alternatives include a fully cooked crumble and uncooked ground products with traditional or Italian flavoured options which contain no allergens.

©Burke Corporation

Burke Corporation is a leader in its field, it manufactures and markets pizza toppings and other fully cooked meats to be used as ingredients in a variety of applications – for pizzerias, Italian and casual restaurants, and manufacturers of prepared foods

Amy Thielking, marketing manager at Burke stated: “We know that a growing number of consumers are interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into their diets. These new products are the perfect way to not only add more plant options to meals but also still enjoy a great-tasting meal with plant-based ingredients. The bottom line is that people want to add more plants to their diet, but they also want them to taste great.”



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