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Canada: 250,000 “Bleeding” Vegan Burgers to be Produced by Globally Local Every Month

The Canadian fast-food chain “Globally Local” has introduced its first “bleeding” vegan burger produced in-house. The fast-food restaurant, located throughout North America, aims to produce and sell around 250,000 “Preposterous Burgers” per month from the end of August.

After almost a year of development, the company has succeeded in creating a burger that is just as good as its animal counterpart with the help of plant-based ingredients. The vegan burger owes its bloody consistency to dried beet extract. The patty also consists of meat-like granules made from wheat, oats and soya.

In addition to operating a food truck, Globally Local opened its first restaurant in London, Ontario, in January 2017. Globally Local is the first fast food chain operator to offer a vegan 24-hour drive-thru service. The Canadian fast food chain is currently planning to expand to 10 additional North American franchise locations. In addition, further business partnerships with other catering companies are being sought in order to accelerate the marketing of its own products.

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