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Chronic Tacos Partners with Beyond Meat

Chronic Tacos have announced a new partnership with Beyond Meat, ensuring that vegan options using Beyond Beef Crumbles will be on all menus in the chain of the Mexican restaurants across the USA. Founded in California USA, Chronic Tacos is a fast casual Mexican grill and has franchises across North America, Canada and Japan.

Last week, Beyond Meat launched Beyond Beef; a minced beef (ground beef) alternative said to have the meaty taste, texture and versatility of ground beef, but with the added health and sustainability benefits of plant-based meat. This new product will be the meat alternative ingredient added to the new taco dish.

Customers at Chronic Taco can add Beyond Beef® Crumbles to any item of their choosing, including tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos, tostadas. Beyond Beef Crumbles contain 13g of protein and only 3g of fat per serving.

Chronic Tacos CEO, Michael Mohammed, has spoken about this new partnership: “Our menu is customizable so that all Chronic Tacos guests can create the meal of their choice. It’s important that our offerings reflect a variety of options to accommodate diverse taste-buds and dietary preferences. Bringing Beyond Meat into our stores really enhances The Taco Life experience that we provide for our guests and we’re excited to have a delicious and healthy plant-based option as part of that.”



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