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Compass Group Presents New Plant-Based Bowls

The Compass Group has recently expanded its healthy food range “Vitalien Balance” to include two innovative plant-based bowls. The vegan “Creole Bowl” and the vegetarian “Flower Power Bowl” will soon be available at lunchtime in selected company restaurants. The Compass Group claims to be the market leader in catering and food services across Germany.

The vegan Creole Bowl is a mix of black beans, mango, and chilli, and takes its name from its Caribbean ingredients. The Flower Power Bowl contains cauliflower as one of its main ingredients – which is actually a flower – as well as tofu, quinoa, and a delicious pumpkin seed protein crunch.

The “Bowls” trend features a colourful and healthy selection of ingredients arranged in a bowl. The Compass Group picked up on this trend a year ago, and introduced various bowls in its company restaurants as part of its Vitalien Balance food range. A versatile food selection, seasonal products, and lots of herbs and superfoods are the main focus. In 2018, the Bowls were awarded the Silver Marketing Award in the “Best Concept” category.

“With our Vitalien Bowls, we are picking up on one of the top trends in catering. Both bowls are very healthy and low in calories. This allows us to offer our guests even more varied dishes for a healthy lifestyle,” says André Schellenberg, Culinary Director at the Compass Group. The group is responsible for monthly menus and meal plans for 500 company restaurants throughout Germany.

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