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Creed Foodservice Publish Vegan Food Guide

Leading food service providers Creed Foodservice, based in the UK, have released a vegan food guide to help caterers around the country with the current rising trend in plant-based diets.  The organisation, who have been delivering quality multi-temperature catering products to chefs and caterers since 1972, describe themselves as “The UK’s ‘go to’ delivered wholesale partner across the care, education, leisure destinations, and hospitality sectors.”

Rhian Grundy, Marketing Controller at Creed Foodservice comments: “A vegan diet has become increasingly popular, with more people deciding to go vegan for ethical, environmental or health reasons. It makes great business sense for caterers to offer vegan dishes or a whole vegan menu. Products on the market which avoid all animal-derivatives taste great and there are plenty of recipe ideas caterers can create for themselves too using vegan ingredients, from smoothie bowls and dairy free overnight oats to curries and noodle dishes. We hope our new Vegan Guide will inspire them to add value to their menus with vegan alternatives which will appeal to everyone.”

The publication helps professionals in the industry to understand and stay up to date with the fast-moving developments, explaining, “With the absence of all the animal derived products, creating flavoursome and appealing meals does not need to be a challenge. Our vegan guide gives you some great day part options to add to your menus, from scratch cooking ingredients to ready-made desserts.”

The guide states, “Gone are the days of a vegan diet being limited to a boring salad or seen as unappetising. Many mainstream national chains have caught on and are offering vegan meals, along with a surge in supermarket offerings to the mass market.” The company’s support of nationwide catering firms in meeting the demand of veganism signals that change is to be taken seriously in the catering industry.

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