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HelloFresh Predicts Growing Demand for Plant-Based Proteins

Meal kit provider HelloFresh has published the results of a survey regarding plant-based foods among consumers in Germany, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The company states that, as the “owner of the richest and largest customer database on taste preferences,” it can reveal that, globally, the number of flexitarians among HelloFresh customers has grown significantly, that it can predict a growing demand for plant-based proteins, and that in its primary market of Germany, the number of consumers who chose a vegan option quadrupled over the course of this year.

Consumers believe plant-based is better for climate

The results of the survey suggest that, despite the prevailing popularity of meat consumption (Germany: 66.3%, Denmark: 81.9%, Norway: 85.2%, Sweden: 77.1%, UK: 74%), a substantial majority in these regions (Germany: 68.6%, Denmark: 68%, Norway:58.6%, Sweden: 71.3%, UK: 66%) acknowledge the environmental benefits of plant-based diets over traditional meat and dairy consumption.

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More than half of European respondents (Germany: 57%, Denmark: 54.3%, Norway: 57.4%, Sweden: 64.8%, UK: 61%) expressed eagerness to incorporate more plant-based meat alternatives into their diets.

“Half of consumers surveyed said they wouldn’t follow plant-based diets because they find it too hard to cook. HelloFresh’s approach is very unique. We don’t just send customers the ingredients, we also support them throughout the cooking process. This gives us the chance to help customers to try out plant-based food in recipes which we are confident they will love. We want to show them it can be very delicious to use ingredients that are better for the environment, ” commentsTilman Eichstädt, COO Upstream at HelloFresh.

1Survey methodology: The survey was conducted in collaboration with the market research institute Kantar among 7,506 participants in five countries (N=1,501 in Germany, N=1,501 the UK, N=1,501 Sweden, N=1,502 Denmark and N=1,500 Norway, representative age, gender, and regional quotas) between the ages of 18 to 65. The online interviews took place in the period from October 19 – October 29 2023.
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