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UNLIMEAT and JUST Egg Collaborate on ‘Rollicious’ Kimbap Delivery in South Korea

Korean alternative meat brand UNLIMEAT expands plant-based dining options in South Korea’s Gangnam and Seocho districts with the launch of its plant-based Kimbap delivery service ‘Rollicious.’ 

UNLIMEAT, known for creating nutritious plant-based products using by-products that are often discarded in the food production process, operates Asia’s largest plant-based meat-exclusive factory. Its commitment to reducing waste and repurposing ‘ugly agricultural products’ has led to the development of a range of vegan products with a Korean twist.

“In comparison to the traditional Kimbap, it stands out both in terms of nutritional value and taste”

The Rollicious menu offers a selection of seven ‘Protein Bomb Kimbap’ items. These Kimbap rolls incorporate UNLIMEAT’s range of products, including char-grilled galbi, tuna, and pulled pork, along with JUST Egg’s folded plant-based egg. They also include Gochujang, wasabi, and Cheongyang peppers to add a kick of spice.

UNLIMEAT and JUST Egg kimbap

Collaboration with JUST Egg

JUST Egg and UNLIMEAT originally partnered up in August to begin creating the vegan kimbap, and the new items were introduced at a pop-up event at Wholey Market in September. They received incredibly favorable feedback, with customers stating, “In comparison to the traditional Kimbap, it stands out both in terms of nutritional value and taste.”

The collaboration has also been featured as part of the ‘Itaewon Heritage’ project, which aims to revive Itaewon’s commercial district by showcasing its cultural diversity. UNLIMEAT introduced a curated pop-up menu at various iconic restaurants in Seoul’s Itaewon district throughout September. These pop-up menus featured a variety of plant-based items incorporating UNLIMEAT products and JUST Egg. 

Expanding presence in the US

UNLIMEAT has also been furthering its presence in the US with the launch of its plant-based pulled pork at Good Earth Markets and a range of other natural and organic stores across the country. 

Following the successful beta tests in September, Rollicious officially debuts in early October in the Gangnam and Seocho districts. Next month, UNLIMEAT plans to crowdfund the launch of an English muffin sandwich featuring their UNLIMEAT sausage patty and JUST Egg Folded, further expanding their plant-based culinary offerings.

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