• Dutch Company Bunge Loders Creates Meat-Like Fats For Vegan Products

    Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC), a leading producer vegetable oils and fats, has entered the veggie burger category with the introduction of a range of plant-based fats designed to mimic and replace meat fats.

    Dutch company BLC uses palm and shea fats to improve the appeal of veggie burgers. The company showcased its  plant-based burgers infused with palm and shea-based fat, at the Food Ingredients Europe 2019 Exhibition in Paris this week. Palm oil has been shown to be a leading cause of deforestation and loss of species and biodiversity, so these products may not be appealing to ethical or environmental vegan companies.

    The plant-based fats reportedly have unique melting profiles and can be applied as crucial fat ingredients to meatless burgers. A press release from BLC states: “They boast the ability to deliver more bite, a juicy mouth feel, and full flavour, at just the right moment and produce no oil leakage or excessive smoking on a cooking surface.”

    Feike Swennenhuis, Marketing Director for BLC Europe also stated in the press release: “A significant number of European consumers are adopting a version of the vegan or flexitarian lifestyle. Still, they insist on not missing out on that sensation of biting into a succulent beef burger and are seeking sustainable meat alternatives that can deliver the same eating experience. Fat, especially derived from beef, is the key contributor to flavour. We succeeded in recreating this sensory experience with high-quality plant-based fats.”

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