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Burger King Launches 15th Plant-Based Restaurant Powered by The Vegetarian Butcher in Puerto Rico

Article update 15 Nov: The Vegetarian Butcher informs us that this location does serve a “limited amount of eggs and dairy,” and as such consumers must be conscious of this if visiting the restaurant.

Burger King has launched its 15th plant-based restaurant, powered by The Vegetarian Butcher: “La Casa Veggie,” in Puerto Rico. 

Using the motto, “Try the green side of flavor,” the new store in Plaza Trujillo Alto offers customers a “full veggie experience,” including plant-based versions of Burger King classics such as Whopper, Long Chicken Sandwich, Nuggets, and other options, such as salads and wraps, all made with The Vegetarian Butcher’s products. 

Simultaneously, Burger King has launched its veggie options on the regular menus in all of its Puerto Rico locations.

“The taste for vegetarian food has been growing during the past years, which is why we reinforced our commitment to continue offering the best vegetarian products that join our extensive food menu,” said Carlos J. Morell, President and COO of Burger King Puerto Rico.

 A the counter of a plant-based BK restaurant in Puerto Rico decorated with bright green colours instead of the usual red and brown.
© Burger King Puerto Rico

A plant-based journey

The world’s first plant-based Burger King restaurant opened in Cologne, Germany, in 2021, using The Vegetarian Butcher’s meat and chicken alternatives. This started a trend that has now reached Puerto Rico.

Other plant-based restaurants by Burger King include three meat-free popup restaurants in Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen; a store in Portugal that’s said to be the chain’s first 100% vegan restaurant in the Iberian peninsula; and other popups in Barcelona, Bristol (UK), Switzerland, and Costa Rica.

“Our joint plant-based journey with Burger King continues!”

The popular fast food chain has pledged to make 50% of its menu plant-based by 2030. Worldwide, the company has been promoting its meat-free options, with initiatives such as making plant-based the default in Austria or offering meatless versions of every menu item in Germany, where a fifth of Whoppers sold are plant-based. In the UK, the chain has been offering discounts on vegan items to encourage more customers to try plant-based options.

“Home of the Whopper turns into Casa Veggie! Our joint plant-based journey with Burger King continues! What started in Cologne has now reached Puerto Rico: the 15th plant-based Burger King restaurant, powered by The Vegetarian Butcher,” The Vegetarian Butcher shared on social media.

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