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La Vie Partners With Burger King France For Veggie Cheese and Bacon Burger

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Burger King France has launched a new meat-free burger, the Veggie Cheese and Bacon, featuring vegan bacon made by French company La Vie.

It comes a month after the fast-food chain added La Vie’s bacon to its Veggie Steakhouse burger, following a sustained campaign by the plant-based brand via social media, newspaper ads, and other channels. The menu item now permanently contains La Vie’s vegan bacon, which was also featured on the menu at Burger King’s plant-based popup location in London to huge success.

While La Vie’s bacon is entirely plant-based, the new Veggie Cheese and Bacon burger contains dairy cheese, making it unfortunately unsuitable for vegans. Potentially it could be ordered without the cheese to make it vegan friendly.

La Vie Bacon
©La Vie

Rapid growth

After announcing multiple restaurant partnerships at the end of 2021 — including burger chain Hank and poke bowl chain Pokawa — La Vie has gone from strength to strength in 2022. In January, the company raised €25 million in a Series A round, with investors including Natalie Portman and Oatly chairman Eric Melloul.

La Vie made its UK debut in March when it launched at Burger King’s all-vegan location in London. And this month, the brand opened a virtual restaurant with dishes available for delivery on Eatic, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.

“Quite simply: Some people make recipes on Insta, others make Tiktok videos, we’re opening a restaurant,” the brand said on social media.

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