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Disability-led French Vegan Chain Furahaa Announces International Franchise Plans 

Following its recent partnership with La Vie vegan bacon, French plant-based brand Furahaa has revealed franchise operation plans for its vegan fast food eateries where most of the staff are deaf. Backed by Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, Furahaa is looking for international expansion, particularly in London and Berlin. 

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone can come and eat with us”

With the claim of being the first plant-based fast food chain in France, the Furahaa Group is currently operating three branches, including two in Paris and one in Strasbourg. Furahaa is now looking to launch franchises in future locations, particularly tourist areas and mini kitchens in containers. Based on the motto of “Exclude no one”, Furahaa mainly employs people with disabilities, with the majority of its current staff being deaf. 

© Furahaa

Founder Arthur Devillers, deaf himself since the age of two, aims to encourage the recruitment of people with any disability, with unemployment rates for disabled people far above average. Every hearing employee joining the staff must also learn sign language. The company hopes to open seven franchises in Paris in 2022, with launches into the UK and Germany also a priority. 

To join the franchise network, the entry fee is reported to be €10,000 euros, plus a 5% royalty. A minimum contribution of €30,000 is also required by the network head. Each location must have a monthly turnover of between €50,000 and €60,000, with the group not seeking a specific profile, and targeting both operational managers and investors.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone can come and eat with us. Our products are intended for all people, regardless of religion, tradition or diet. We even have a gluten-free burger on our menu. We really don’t want to exclude anyone,” Devillers told L’Officiel de la Franchise.


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