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VICTORY! La Vie Asks Burger King France to Add Vegan Bacon to Veggie Steakhouse Burger and Succeeds

Last week, French vegan bacon specialist La Vie launched a campaign appealing for Burger King France to add vegan bacon to its Veggie Steakhouse burger, after discovering that the conventional Steakhouse contains bacon while the vegan version does not.

“A small step forward for BK, a big leap forward for the pig”

The Paris-based vegan brand backed by high profile investors including Natalie Portman, began with a social media campaign, including a photoshopped image showing the Veggie Steakhouse containing La Vie bacon. When it received no response, the company launched a petition, which quickly garnered hundreds of signatures.

Next, La Vie took out a full-page ad in the newspaper Le Parisien. The ad shows an image of a tweet sent to Burger King by a customer, saying “Sorry guys, I’m waiting for the Veggie Steakhouse with La Vie’s bacon.” Below the image, the text urges Burger King to take note.

Image: La Vie on LinkedIn

“If we keep ending up on voicemail, we have other ideas,” the veggie brand said on social media.

The campaign, which has generated much publicity and online attention, has managed to convince Burger King: as of last Friday, La Vie bacon is available in 430 Burger King locations in France.

“We didn’t invade the Instagram feeds of all our subscribers (and the parking lot of BK St-Brice-sous-Forêt) for nothing! Starting today, you can enjoy our La Vie™️ veggie bacon in the Veggie Steakhouse at BURGER KING® France. A small step forward for BK, a big leap forward for the pigs and a big step forward in our mission, to make as many people as possible discover and adopt vegan: we’re coming to all 430 BK restaurants throughout France!” the startup said on its social networks.

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