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McDonald’s Trials Vegan Ice Cream in the UK

McDonald’s has announced it is trialling a new “deliciously smooth and creamy” vegan ice cream in the UK, available in two flavours — Choco and Strawberry.

Called the Vegan Scoop, the ice cream costs £1.59 and is served in a tub like a McFlurry. It has been certified as vegan by The Vegetarian Society, though McDonald’s warns that it may not be suitable for those with milk allergies as it is made in a facility that handles dairy.

Initially, the ice cream will only be available at 52 locations in the North West of England, including several restaurants in Manchester and Stockport. The trial will run until September 3, and if successful, the Vegan Scoop may launch UK-wide next year.

McDonald’s is also trialling another vegan-friendly frozen dessert, the McFreezy. Made with frozen fruit juice and puree, it is available in two flavours — orange and mango & pineapple. The McFreezy can currently be found in 187 restaurants in the North West, along with selected locations in the Republic of Ireland. Like the Vegan Scoop, it will be available until September 3.

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Other plant-based options

McDonald’s previously launched a vegan chocolate McFlurry and McSundae in Germany in 2022. The ice creams have become a permanent menu fixture, but do not appear to have been introduced in any other markets.

In the UK, McDonald’s vegan options include the McPlant, the Vegetable Deluxe, and the Veggie Dippers. The McPlant features a Beyond Meat patty and has been available in the British Isles since 2021; the following year, the chain reported high demand for the burger, particularly in Ireland.

“These products may contain dairy, due to the factory in which they are produced,” says McDonald’s.

The list of UK locations serving the Vegan Scoops can be found here.

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