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Ready Burger Makes ‘World’s First’ 99p Vegan Burger Permanent

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Ready Burger – the UK vegan fast-food chain – is set to make its 99p vegan burger a permanent menu item following a successful Veganuary. The move comes as research indicates a common misconception among consumers that vegan diets cost more, something Ready Burger is aiming to rectify. 

After selling more than 2,000 plant-based burgers per week in January, the London-based brand is setting out on a mission to make vegan fast food accessible for everyone and claims to be already selling four times more than McDonald’s McPlant burger sold during its US pilot.  

Ready Burger founders
©Ready Burger

Ready Burger was founded by Max Miller and Adam Clark, opening its first location in Crouch End and a second on Finchley Road, with two more locations currently in the pipeline. The company recently announced the close of a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, raising £2 million and smashing the target of £1.5 million in hours.

Cost, convenience, and taste

Research has indicated there is a widespread belief that vegan diets cost more. According to Ready Burger, researchers from Bath University found that although meat-eaters agree with ethical and environmental arguments for veganism, they are put off by practical reasons such as cost, convenience, and taste. At less than one-third the cost of McDonald’s McPlant (£3.59) and Burger King‘s plant-based Whopper (£4.99), Ready Burger is aiming to address those concerns and misconceptions. 

“Ready Burger is 100% plant-based, so there is no cross-contamination in the kitchen and customers can be confident the company shares their values – a plant burger emits 92% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, needs 93% less land and 70% less water than a beef burger,” comments Adam Clark, Co-founder and COO.

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