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What Role do Fast Food Restaurants Play in Normalising Sustainable, Plant-Based Foods?

Fast-food restaurants are more than just places to grab a quick bite. For many, they offer convenience, as well as a place to socialise over an affordable meal. Undeniably, fast food chains are a staple of our global culture.

Increasingly, plant-based options have been proliferating across menus of popular fast-food chains worldwide. As such, fast food retailers are a key catalyst to skyrocketing plant-based food sales, as well as normalising veggie options over their meat equivalents.

NGO ProVeg International explores this exciting idea in the latest New Food Hub article, following the release of its International Fast Food Ranking Report.

Benefits of embracing plant-based normalcy

While ProVeg’s article uncovers the financial and business gains that are up for grabs – it moves beyond that to cover a more pressing issue: how fast-food chains can support our environment.

Embracing plant-based normalcy would yield substantial environmental benefits. Plant-based burgers, for instance, significantly outperform their meat counterparts in a number of environmental impacts.[1]

Pizza Hut sachet
Image courtesy of Proveg International

Imagine the collective reduction in water usage, land consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and aquatic pollutants, if giants like McDonald’s and Burger King embraced this shift wholeheartedly.

It would enable fast-food chains to meet their sustainability goals and make an impact on our Earth-in-crises. Something that’s needed more than ever right now.

Read the full article on ProVeg’s New Food Hub and get in touch with [email protected] for more support on your plant-based product strategy.

[1]  Impossible Burger environmental life cycle assessment, (2019). Available at: Accessed 2023-07-03.

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