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Finnish Army Canteens Introduce Vegetarian Meals

The trend towards more plant-based food has now reached the garrison canteens of the Finnish army. In the past, the army has been working to integrate more vegetables into the soldiers’ diet. In the future, a completely vegetarian meal will be served two days a week. The motivation for this is not cost, but rather the environment and the climate, as well as increasing health awareness in terms of nutrition.

The vegetarian days will start this autumn in Finnish canteens. As alternatives to fish and meat, there will be dishes based on potatoes and pasta with soy or Quorn. According to Peter Hoffren, head of development at Leijona Catering, the catering service responsible, the vegetarian meals were chosen mainly because of health concerns and the impact of meat production on the climate.

Companies such as WeWork, the coworking space provider, have also introduced meat-free canteen meals.

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