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Chunk Foods’ Plant-Based Steak Expands Menu Presence in Florida Steakhouses and Seafood Restaurants

Chunk Foods, a producer of clean-label plant-based whole cuts, has extended its presence in Central Florida with the addition of its award-winning plant-based steaks at Vito’s Chop House, Fishbones, and a third Charley’s Steak House location.

The new foodservice collaborations are a direct result of Chunk Foods’ partnership with the Talk of the Town Restaurant Group, enabling the company to reach a broader consumer base with its cholesterol-free Chunk steak, made from fermented soy and wheat.

Major breakthrough for the category

Amos Golan, founder and CEO of Chunk Foods, conveyed the significance of this expansion, stating, “This marks a major breakthrough for the whole category by greatly expanding the addressable market for plant-based meats. Steakhouses in the US sell over $14B of steak, and tapping into what was previously an unattainable market marks a tremendous step in the right direction, making plant-based eating accessible and desirable to more Americans and marking Chunk as an industry leader.”

Chunk Foods 6oz plant-based steak
Supplied by Chunk Foods

By introducing its plant-based steaks at Fishbones, Vito’s Chop House, and a third Charley’s Steak House, Chunk Foods is catering to a wider spectrum of flexitarian consumers, offering appealing plant-based options in traditional dining establishments. 

Chunk’s plant-based steak, characterized by its meat-like texture and umami flavors, is prepared with minimal processing and devoid of preservatives, additives, cholesterol, and GMOs. With nearly 50 grams of protein per 6oz steak, Chunk’s products have rapidly gained favor among health-conscious and eco-conscious diners, according to the company.

Expanding the market for plant-based meats

In a recent interview with vegconomist, Golan commented, “Chunk is listed on the same menu as other premium cuts of beef thanks to its exquisite culinary performance, great taste and texture, clean ingredient list, and impressive nutritional profile. This marks a major breakthrough for the whole category by greatly expanding the addressable market for plant-based meats.”

In addition to its expansion in Central Florida, Chunk Foods recently established partnerships with Neat Burger’s US location in New York and Monster Vegan in Philadelphia, further extending its presence in the United States. 

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