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Impossible Foods Partners with IHOP to Bring Plant-Based Options to Nearly 1,700 US Locations

Impossible Foods announces partnership with major American family restaurant chain IHOP to bring its plant-based sausage patties and burgers to a new demographic. 

Starting today, IHOP outlets nationwide will serve Impossible Sausage patties as part of the classic breakfast menu. For lunch or dinner, guests can opt for an Impossible Burger patty on any of the restaurant’s Steakburgers.

“Impossible products are meat – just made from plants”

This collaboration represents a significant development for both Impossible Foods and IHOP. With nearly 1,700 locations across the United States, IHOP’s wide-reaching appeal among families and diverse diners provides an optimal platform for Impossible Foods to extend its influence. 

Impossible Foods and IHOP
© Impossible Foods

The new collaboration aligns with Impossible’s objective to introduce plant-based offerings to a broader consumer base, including flexitarians and meat-eaters who may have previously shied away from exploring plant-based cuisine. 

Appealing to flexitarians

As part of this goal, Impossible recently launched its “Indulgent Burger,” which is a thicker and “beefier” version of its original Impossible patty. Additionally, the company invested in a major national US marketing campaign at the beginning of the summer, which included a lighthearted 90-second musical ad. By diversifying its offerings and marketing campaigns, Impossible Foods aims to position itself as more welcoming to non-vegan demographics.

Leslie Sims, chief marketing & creative officer for Impossible, comments, “We need to welcome consumers into the plant-based space and give them a reason to choose Impossible. We want consumers to know they don’t have to give up the meat they love. Impossible products are meat – just made from plants – so they’re still delicious and have a ton of other benefits.”

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