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Japanese Restaurant Chain KUURAKU Launches Authentic Vegan Ramen

KUURAKU, a Japanese restaurant chain with locations across the Asia-Pacific region and Canada, has begun offering vegan ramen for the first time.

The ramen is made with a special plant-based broth combined with vegetables, soy milk for creaminess, and homemade noodles. The launch comes in response to increased demand for vegan ramen worldwide, and follows significant R&D and trials.

“People are looking for food options that cause no harm to the environment.”

KUURAKU said it aimed to dispel the idea that Japanese cuisine offers few options for vegetarians and vegans. The new ramen also provides an option for flexitarians or those who want a lighter meal.

“We are confident that the introduction of vegan ramen will attract rave reviews from our satisfied customers and make our outlets hugely popular,” said Mr Kojiro Honda, co-owner and founder at KUURAKU India.

KUURAKU has locations in Japan, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Indonesia. 


A growing trend

Plant-based ramen is increasing in popularity across the globe; healthy instant ramen brand immi raised $10 million in the US earlier this year, while Amsterdam-based vegan chain Ramen Impossible opened a popup location in London last month.

Another plant-based brand, Los Angeles-based Kinjabang Noodles, sold out within hours when it launched in 2020 and can now be found at retailers such as Costco and 7-Eleven in 30 US states.

“As the world is becoming more cognizant of the environment, people are turning vegan and looking for food options that are healthy, tasty, and cause no harm to the environment. We hope this trend continues and Japanese cuisines continue to be an all-time favorite of Indians too,” said Ms. Oota, First Secretary of Food and Agriculture at the Embassy of Japan in India, speaking at a tasting session for KUURAKU’s vegan ramen.

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