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OmniFoods & Neat Burger Launch Seafood Menu with Sustainable Twist in NYC

OmniFoods announces a new foodservice partnership with plant-based fast food chain Neat Burger to launch a seafood menu at the chain’s store in Nolita, New York City, from the 18th of October.

As part of the collaboration, Neat Burger is introducing two plant-based seafood options: Neat Fish & Chips, a classic British delicacy, and Crispy Fish Sandwich, a favorite garnished with Neat Burger’s unique toppings. 

Both menu items will feature OMNI Golden Fillet, a vegan alternative that is said to perfectly replicate the taste and texture of traditional battered fish. Made with pea protein, shiitake mushroom powder, and rice protein, Omni’s fish fillet received the Monde Selection Silver Award from the International Quality Institute in 2022. It has also been voted best vegan fish by PETA UK. 

“As a long-time seafood lover, I was skeptical about how closely it could replicate the taste and texture of traditional fish, but I was pleasantly surprised,” comments Neat Burger’s Head of Food & Innovation Bruno Trebbi.

Omni plant based fishless fillets
© OmniFoods

Plant-based expertise

The announcement follows OmniFood’s other recent expansion efforts in the USA, including partnerships with the vegan fast-casual chain Veggie Grill to relaunch a Mexican Baja fish menu and with 7-Eleven Hawaii to introduce the Japanese dish katsu musubi. 

Globally, OmniFoods is available in iconic restaurants and food service chains, including McDonald’s, Starbucks, IKEA, ALDI, and 5-star hotels such as Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, and Marriott. 

“By combining our expertise in plant-based alternatives with Neat Burger’s commitment to sustainability, we are confident that we can provide an exceptional dining experience to customers,” says David Yeung, CEO and co-founder at OmniFoods.

OmniFoods partners with plant-based fast-food chain Neat Burger to launch a seafood menu.
Image courtesy of OmniFoods

Environmentally friendly fast food

Backed by Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, Neat Burger operates eight UK locations and other stores abroad, one in the US (NYC) and another in UAE (Dubai). Last May, the company raised $18 million to expand its global reach.

The chain’s menu features plant-based versions of all-American classics, including burgers, shakes, tater tots, and sandwiches. With the introduction of Neat Fish & Chips and Crispy Fish Sandwich, the restaurant aims to introduce classic seafood favorites with a sustainable twist in one of its best-performing locations.

“The OMNI Golden Fillet ‘fish’ had a flaky, tender texture that was remarkably similar to the real thing, and the crispy coating was perfectly seasoned. What’s even better is that this dish is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. The plant-based fish & chips exceeded all my expectations. It’s delightfully surprising!” Trebbi continues.

To mark the launch, Neat Burger is offering the first 50 visitors on the 18th of October a chance to indulge in OMNI menu items at a discounted rate of $5.

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