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Prime Roots Partners With Three Little Pigs to Bring Plant-Based Pâté to NYC

Prime Roots, the producer of koji-based deli meats, has partnered with Three Little Pigs, an artisanal charcuterie and pâté maker, to introduce its collection of plant-based pâtés and foie gras to customers in New York City.

The range blends traditional French cuisine with the innovative and sustainable ingredients of Prime Root’s plant-based products, including its Black Truffle Koji-Pâté, Harvest Apple Koji-Pâté, and Koji-Foie Gras. These products are developed using koji, a fungi root commonly utilized in Asian cuisines for its umami-rich qualities, which is key to replicating the taste and texture of meat-based products.

“It’s so fun to wow people’s tastebuds with a plant-based koji-pâté, and koji-foie gras”

Founder and CEO of Prime Roots, Kimberlie Le, commented on the launch, saying, “It’s so fun to wow people’s tastebuds with a plant-based koji-pâté, and koji-foie gras that gives people the freedom to indulge because it tastes just like conventional but is plant-based, contains no cholesterol, nitrates, gluten, soy, non-GMO, antibiotics, or top nine allergens. We are excited to spread joie de vivre with our first Prime Roots X Three Little Pigs epicureans’ delight.”

Prime Roots x Three Little Pigs
© Prime Roots

Market expansion opportunities

Following a Series B funding round of $30 million last year, Prime Roots collaborated with Quorn, another fungi-based alt-meat company, to explore market expansion opportunities in the US. Soon after, Prime Roots partnered with artisanal charcuterie producer Fabrique Delices in California, serving the only legal plant-based foie gras in the state, along with the company’s pâtés.

Prime Roots claims to be the first and only company to venture into the deli and charcuterie section with a range of freshly sliced deli meats, charcuteries, pâtés, and foie gras made entirely from koji. Additionally, the company’s Koji-Foie Gras recently garnered attention by winning a ‘Nexty’ award for inventiveness at the Natural Products Expo East.

President of Three Little Pigs, Maha Freij, also shared her enthusiasm, stating, “We’re always looking to stay ahead of the curve, and partnering with the pioneer of koji-based products, Prime Roots allows us to introduce classic French fare like pâté, and foie gras to plant-based consumers.”

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