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Sodexo, HSUS Commit to Make 50% of College Menus Plant-Based by 2025

Global food service leader Sodexo announces a new pledge to make 50% of its college campus menus plant-based by 2025. The latest commitment, made in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), increases the company’s previous goal of making its higher-ed dining 42% plant-based by 2025.

“Year after year, Sodexo has shown they are serious about following through with commitments made around reducing their carbon footprint”

According to Sodexo, 35% of Americans are looking to eat less meat, and college students are especially interested in the environmental and health benefits of plant-based eating. A 2020 GlobeScan study found 37% of Gen Z individuals expressed an interest in eating more plant-based and meat-free foods​. Currently, Sodexo states 36% of its college and university menus are plant-based, and the company is committed to meet this growing demand.

“Formula for success”

“Year after year, Sodexo has shown they are serious about following through with commitments made around reducing their carbon footprint by emphasizing innovative plant-based menu initiatives,” said Karla Dumas, RDN, vice president, farm animal protection, for HSUS. This most recent announcement shows Sodexo is serious about change and has found the formula for success. This is also why Sodexo has received an A rating from the HSUS two years in a row in the Protein Sustainability Scorecard report. We will continue to collaborate with Sodexo and other change makers that take their sustainability commitments seriously.”

Tofu Bahn Mi Sandwich

Environmental goals

Sodexo’s new goals also seek to reduce carbon emissions in its supply chain. An internal analysis revealed at least 70% of the company’s US supply carbon footprint was related to animal-based food purchases in fiscal year 2020. By increasing the number of plant-based and plant-forward options on higher-ed menus, the company aims to lower its footprint by 34% by 2025.

The latest commitment is part of Sodexo’s long-standing relationship with the HSUS, which has worked with the food service giant for 15 years to foster humane ingredient sourcing and more plant-based offerings. 

Sodexo - Chesapeake Mini-Cakes
Chesapeake Mini-Cakes © Sodexo

“The increase in our plant-based menus is due in large part to our collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States,” said Brett Ladd, CEO of the Campus division for Sodexo USA. “We are working with them to increase the number of plant-based menu offerings through recipe development, menu ideas, nutrition advice and hands-on culinary training. With their support, I’m confident we can reach our 50% goal by 2025.”

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