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UNLIMEAT Pulled Pork Wrap Launches at Starbucks Hong Kong

Korean plant-based meat brand UNLIMEAT has joined forces with Starbucks Hong Kong to offer a plant-based pulled pork wrap. The wrap combines UNLIMEAT’s pork alternative with carrot, red cabbage, and lettuce to create a “satisfying and guilt-free meal”.

UNLIMEAT first entered the Hong Kong market in 2020, and has since secured several major collaborations in the region. IKEA Hong Kong launched an Earth Day Menu featuring the brand’s meat alternatives in 2022, and convenience store chain 7-Eleven has introduced two products made with UNLIMEAT’s signature Korean BBQ.

“We have been dreaming of launching something at Starbucks ever since we launched our first products in Hong Kong,” said UNLIMEAT CEO Keumchae Min. “Our pulled pork has been our most popular product in the United States, so we’re so excited to introduce the product to Hong Kong people through Starbucks. It is especially meaningful for us that we were able to launch a menu item that contained the name of our product.”

UNLIMEAT Grilled Korean BBQ meat on grill

“New gastronomic experiences”

UNLIMEAT aims to address food waste by using food industry byproducts such as rice bran and defatted soybean powder to produce meat alternatives. Since its foundation, the company has seen international success, including a launch at all 450 Sukiya restaurants in China.

In 2022, UNLIMEAT entered the US market, launching at 1,500 Albertsons stores across the country soon afterward. The brand then expanded its US presence by gaining listings at a range of natural and organic stores in 2023.

The same year, UNLIMEAT announced a partnership with JUST Egg to produce co-branded plant-based egg products for the Asian market. The first product to be developed was kimbap, featuring JUST Egg’s folded egg with UNLIMEAT’s sausage patty and cheese. UNLIMEAT then introduced a delivery service for the plant-based kimbap in South Korea’s Gangnam and Seocho districts.

“Unlike other plant-based brands that typically offer only burger patties and chicken nuggets, UNLIMEAT introduces new gastronomic experiences to consumers with items such as Bulgogi, pulled pork, dumplings, beef jerky, and tuna,” Keumchae Min told vegconomist last year. “We firmly believe that igniting curiosity beyond the usual meat textures and providing a distinctive and delightful experience to consumers who enjoy Korean cuisine represents a unique competitive advantage and a strategic approach to expanding our retail presence.”

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