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Vegan Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour to Open for Vienna Airport Passengers

Vienna Airport passengers will soon be able to enjoy plant-based food while they wait for their flights, as ice cream parlour Veganista and vegan restaurant The LaLa — both based in Vienna — prepare to open airport branches.

Veganista and The LaLa are both run by Cecilia Havmöller and her sister Susanna Paller, both of whom have been vegan for over 30 years. The pair were disappointed with the vegan selection on offer in Vienna and decided to launch Veganista in 2013, followed by The LaLa in 2019.

Vegan Lala
©The Lala

Menu options

Veganista offers 18 ice cream flavours every day, from staples such as chocolate and strawberry to more unusual flavours like basil. Most are soy-based, with some almond, oat, rice, and coconut-based flavours for those with allergies. Sugar-free varieties are also available, along with ice cream sandwiches — both regular and gluten-free. The Vienna Airport store will be Veganista’s twelfth location in the city.

Inspired by a Los Angeles vibe, The LaLa offers smoothies, salads, healthy bowls, and desserts free of refined sugar. The restaurant has two existing locations in Vienna. An opening date for the new locations at Vienna Airport has not yet been revealed.

Vienna Airport passengers to enjoy new vegan options
Image courtesy Vienna Airport

Vegan airline food

Flying as a vegan has long been challenging, with many customers having no choice but to bring their own food. But times are changing, with many airlines now offering some plant-based options. Qatar Airways launched a vegan menu for business class passengers in 2020, and British Airways recently launched plant-based menus at its airport lounges as part of a drive to reduce its carbon footprint.

“We want to create an even better British Airways and know that we need to keep making changes to the customer experience with things like alternative menus, reducing plastics, and introducing new technology to get us to where we want to be,” said British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience Tom Stevens.



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