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Fuji Plant Protein Labs Launches Plant-Based Cream for Food Professionals “Ko-Cream”

Fuji Plant Protein Labs (FPPL), a manufacturer of 100% vegan plant-based ingredients, announced today the launch of Ko-Cream, a plant-based cream for professional chefs, manufacturers, and foodservice. Ko-Cream is a rich plant-based cream alternative for food brands and dairy-alternative brands in North America.

Fuji Plant Protein Labs, founded in 2017 by Fuji Oil Group Japan, is an affiliated company in the USA. FPPL manufactures a cheese alternative called Nozzarella, a cream cheese alternative CCSS (cream cheese style spread),  and other plant-based dairy alternatives. According to the company, early seeding has produced some extremely positive results.

Ko Cream
Fuji Plant Protein Labs

New plant-based cream aims to give dairy serious competition
Commercial food product developers can use Ko-Cream to infuse plant-based benefits into sauces, ice cream, dressings, emulsions, spreads and desserts for another layer of flavor. Its ability to be cultured to make vegan soft cheeses and spreads is reportedly “unparalleled”. Ko-Cream is said to offer richness, superior emulsion properties, and flavor absorption, and the way it blends, cooks, and feels in the mouth makes it a flexible ingredient as compared to dairy cream.

Ultra Soy Separation

Ko-Cream is a non-dairy, non-GMO, soy-based product produced with FPPL’s patented Ultra Soy Separation process (USS). Fuji Plant Protein Labs achieves the goal to come as close as possible to real dairy cream in texture, consistency, and flavor by using their patented Ultra Soy Separation process (USS). Utilizing a method similar to that used to separate fresh milk the soy mash is separated yielding low-fat soymilk and Ko-Cream. Separation is made possible by using Fuji Oil’s unique technology producing a cream-like and low-fat soy milk.

Ko-Cream samples are available now to qualified food manufacturers, professionals, and companies to sample and evaluate at



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