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Going Green in Top Restaurant Trends for 2019

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The National Restaurant Association has announced the results of its annual survey, with veggie-centric menus, alternative proteins and sustainable dining predicted to be the hottest trends for 2019.

The survey asked 700 chefs from the American Culinary Federation for their ideas on the most popular restaurant concepts for the new year. 64% highlighted plant-based sausages and burgers as a leading trend, while three out of five chefs pointed towards veggie and carb substitutes emerging as new alternatives to traditional starches.

“As more consumers follow vegetarian and vegan diets, restaurants are expanding the complex, inventive veggie-centric items on their menus. Think plant-based burgers and sushi that rival their beef and fish counterparts”, said the National Restaurant Association.

Other key concepts include a focus on hyper-local and all natural ingredients, as well as clean menus and vegetable-forward cuisine. The environmental sustainability of a restaurant and its commitment to food waste reduction were other important topics which arose from the survey.

On the other hand, approximately 67% of chefs surveyed predicted that new cuts of meat would be one of the top food trends, much alike the year previous. The full results of the survey will be available later this month.


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