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HANS IM GLÜCK Introduces Moving Mountains Burger

The new plant-based burger by the successful German restaurant chain HANS IM GLÜCK is called “NATURBURSCHE” and aims to come very close to real beef in terms of texture and taste. The plant-based burger provides a new option on the HANS IM GLÜCK menu not just for vegetarians and vegans, but also for flexitarians and omnivores who want to reduce their meat consumption.

Collaboration with innovative food manufacturer

To produce the innovative burger, the franchise has entered into collaboration with the plant-based producer Moving Mountains®. With the mission of offering meat alternatives with a significantly lower carbon footprint which are just as good as classic beef burgers, the new product is aimed in particular at flexitarians; with the idea that if you want to minimise your meat consumption for health and environmental reasons, you don’t have to forego the pleasure of a hearty, protein-rich burger. “Plant proteins are becoming increasingly popular. The plant-based patty from Moving Mountains® especially convinced us with its incomparable texture, juiciness, and a taste hardly distinguishable from beef,” says Peter Prislin, CMO of HANS IM GLÜCK Franchise GmbH.

Collaboration partner invests four years in product development

In collaboration with experienced protein and flavour experts, Moving Mountains® invested four years in the development of a convincingly realistic meat alternative. The result is made from a mix of natural ingredients such as mushrooms, beetroot juice, coconut, and spices as well as pea, wheat and soya proteins. The 113.5 gram burger contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12 and 20 grams of plant-based protein, with zero cholesterol. At HANS IM GLÜCK it is served as NATURBURSCHE, in a burger bun with caramelized onions and mushrooms.

NATURBURSCHE has been on the menu of all HANS IM GLÜCK burger restaurants in the DACH region since April 16, and complements the current range of four vegan and seven vegetarian burgers. HANS IM GLÜCK Franchise GmbH is a leading national company in the catering industry. Active since 2010, the franchise currently has 66 burger restaurants and continues to grow.

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