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Better Balance Continues Foodservice Expansion with Award-Winning Restaurant Collab

Since its US launch last year, plant-based food brand Better Balance has secured many global strategic partnerships, helping to build brand awareness and transform restaurant menus. The newest collaboration with award-winning Chicago restaurant Kale My Name marks yet another milestone in the brand’s mission to bring flavorful plant-based alternatives to consumers worldwide. 

“Partnering with Better Balance has helped continue Kale My Name’s mission of showing people how fun and delicious vegan food can be”

From the beginning, Better Balance recognized that partnerships were key to shaping its brand. Last year, it teamed up with Mexican chain Gorditas Doña Tota and 7-Eleven, and even helped Civitas Metropolitano become the first plant-based stadium in mainland Europe. 

better balance x kale my name
© Better Balance

Most recently, Better Balance announced a new partnership with Kale My Name, becoming the first restaurant in the United States to offer its Better Hot Dog. The pea protein-based hot dog is gluten-free, high in protein, and the company says it tastes just like a traditional dog. The Better Hot Dog, which was initially launched in Spain, achieved remarkable recognition, receiving awards that include Best Product at Men’s Health Spain’s 2023 Innovation Awards.

In Chicago, hot dogs are king

Founder of Kale My Name, Nemanja “Neman” Golubovic, gives the hot dog a glowing endorsement, stating, “The Better Dog is without a doubt the most delicious and realistic plant-based hot dog I’ve ever tried. I immediately knew I had to incorporate it on our menu.”

Kale My Name is a fast-casual dining experience that has already received many acknowledgments, including “Best Vegan Restaurant in Chicago” by Chicago Reader. Golubovic has been waiting for the perfect alternative for the classic Chicago hot dog. In Chicago, “hot dogs are king, and it’s hard to impress customers with a good vegan dog,” he says. With Kale My Name on board, Better Balance is sure to make an impact on the Chicago market. 

Better Balance x kale my name
© Kale My Name

Additionally, over the last few months, Better Balance has also been dipping its toes in the sushi market, securing partnerships with two Mexican sushi chains – Sushi Roll and Nikkori. The Vegan Lab Menu is available at nine Sushi Roll restaurants in CDMX and features the Better Balance Veggie Ground. 

Golubovic says, “Partnering with Better Balance has helped continue Kale My Name’s mission of showing people how fun and delicious vegan food can be, and I’m excited to see what we will do together.” 

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