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La Vie Vegan Bacon Takes France by Storm with Multiple Restaurant Partnerships 

La Vie vegan bacon is going from strength to strength in France and the company has announced various new restaurant partnerships nationwide. Formerly known as 77 Foods, the plant-based pork fat specialist’s patented bacon was launched into retail and foodservice this October.

La Vie has partnered with French vegan burger specialist Hank to create the first La Vie Vegan Bacon Burger, selling over 1200 burgers in a buy 1 get 1 free deal on delivery platforms. The burger has now been added to the menu at Hank locations in Paris, Lille and Lyon and was advertised on a billboard on the Paris metro.

La Vie vegan bacon burger billboard
©La Vie Foods

Enjoying a successful social media campaign, La Vie has also teamed up with Pokawa – a poke bowl healthy food chain with multiple locations in Paris and across France. The restaurant has now added its Certified Veggie Bacon Lover hot bowl to the menu.

Also trending on social media is La Vie’s collaboration with vegan fast food restaurant Furahaa, where over 300 Grilled N’Cheese & Bacon were handed out in one day. Furahaa, famous for being owned and run by deaf and hard of hearing people, now sells the bacon across its locations. Furahaa also recently received investment from KBW Ventures, founded by CEO Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, to become France’s biggest vegan fast-food chain. 

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