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LIFE Bistrot Restaurant – Vegan Specialities with Historical Flair

Usually we don’t report on individual restaurants, but we are really enthusiastic about this concept! In Volterra, Italy, the vegan LIFE Bistrot Restaurant opened in April this year, offering a wide range of vegan food and drinks. The unique thing about it is that it is situated in an archaeological area with many Etruscan ruins, which gives it a unique historical flair.

LIFE Bistrot is an innovative, elegant, organic and 100% vegan restaurant in the historically well-preserved centre of Volterra. The restaurant is located in a building that was discovered in 2001 and has been extensively renovated since then. The 3,500-year-old history of the building creates a very special atmosphere, and its many well-preserved Etruscan artifacts invite customers to look around and marvel.

The restaurant also offers an innovative food service model with the weighing of food, touch-screen software at the tables, and table management smart cards for easy billing. “We have designed an intelligent vegan food model. We use excellent organic food, we work with great Italian chefs, and we have developed an innovative intelligent concept with many applications. Guest feedback has been wonderful. It is a pleasure to present it to everyone,” say the owners of LIFE Bistrot.

The innovative restaurant also follows a very special philosophy of sustainability: “We mainly promote organic and local products, our pasta and bread are made from ancient cereals, our vegetables have a short supply chain, our pastries are wonderfully vegan, our restaurant doesn’t use chemical products, and our cuisine doesn’t include meat, fish or animal derivatives”.

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