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Mush Foods Announces US Launch of Mycelium Mixes for Restaurants to Create Sustainable Meat Blends

Tel Aviv-based Mush Foods recently announced the US launch of 50Cut, a range of mycelium blends as a meat replacement for restaurants, with a focus on creating blended and hybrid products to reduce meat content in dishes. Mush Foods says its mission is to cut global meat consumption by half through this B2B approach, utilizing upcycled waste products as a substrate and without the existence of a B2C brand.

“We have developed a product that can help reduce meat consumption while improving taste, juiciness and yield.”

According to the company, Mush Foods’ innovative products are intended to improve the nutritional value and sustainability of classic meat dishes. Mush Foods uses a proprietary, highly efficient, and sustainable cultivation technique to grow a variety of culinary-quality mushroom roots in a short period of time. The US launch follows its introduction to restaurants in Israel last year.

Reducing meat consumption with mushrooms

The company, which received $6.2 million in seed funding in 2023, was named the winner of the Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Business Competition, underscoring Mush Foods’ readiness to serve the US food and restaurant industry by reducing meat consumption. When chefs incorporate 50Cut Mushroom Root Blends into their recipes in place of some of the meat, they can further improve the flavor and nutritional value while reducing costs and reducing the environmental impact of each dish.

50Cut mushroom mix
© Mush Foods

Mush Foods enters the US market at a crucial time, as nearly one in four consumers say they are trying to reduce meat consumption. The ground meat category is valued at $600 billion globally ($94 billion in the US alone), while plant-based meat alternatives make up just 1.5% of the category.

“We are grateful for the enthusiastic and early recognition we have received and are excited to bring to market a line of outstanding mushroom root blends that we believe chefs will love,” says AJ Schaller, Culinary Director at Mush Foods. “The Mush Foods team has uncovered a culinary treasure that can solve some of our most pressing environmental problems in an amazingly simple and seamless way. We have developed a product that can help reduce meat consumption while improving taste, juiciness and yield.”

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