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New Vegan Hotels Opened in South Tyrol and Tuscany

“To nature and back” – Italian hoteliers in the newly opened vegan hotels “i pini” in Tuscany and “La Vimea” in South Tyrol have risen to this challenge in full. Their motivation is to enable everyone to lead a natural life.

Many hotel guests long for relaxation and recreation, especially during the holiday season. They want to escape their stressful everyday lives and recuperate. More and more guests attach importance to experiencing certain elements of nature and naturalness whilst on holiday.

This, or something similar, may well have been the basic strategic idea of the hoteliers when they created the vegan hotel complexes. A vegan hotel means that no animal products are used in its construction, its renovation or when supplying hotel guests. This is how the two elegantly designed buildings and their interiors, made of simple natural materials such as wood, were created – all whilst nestled in wonderful landscapes. The ‘i pini’, for example, was renovated and redesigned as a historical villa in a vegan style.

Behind the promotion of the two vegan projects, which are considered innovative in terms of sustainability, is the tourism company “Green Pearls”. This maintains a holding company that tries to find all sustainable or vegan hotels and destinations worldwide in order to bring them together in a global data source. The idea is specifically aimed at the vegan lifestyle of hotel customers. In addition to Green Pearls, other tour operators such as Trivago and TUI see a positive trend in the demand for vegan hotels.

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