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Olimp: Polish Restaurant Chain Launches Meat-Free Monday

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The Polish restaurant chain Olimp will be introducing Meatless Mondays by September 30th. The campaign has been developed in cooperation with the vegan food company RoślinnieJemy as a result of the growing number of consumers who want to reduce their meat consumption.

In line with the global trend towards vegan diets and the growing urgency of reducing meat consumption, RoślinnieJemy found in a survey that 57.8% of Poles want to reduce their meat consumption in favour of vegan protein sources. In addition, data from the market research company Mintel shows that 11 percent of Poles between the ages of 16 and 24 identify themselves as vegetarians and 10 percent as vegans. Considering this development, and taking into account the many advantages of a meat-free diet, this is a smart move by the Polish company.

Olimp has a self-service system where customers are charged by weight. This means that the restaurant chain, with its 76 franchise locations, has the fastest-growing service concept in Poland. The new meals will be prepared in cooperation with RoślinnieJemy. The dishes are not just for vegans. The new meals are also intended for the curious and for everyone who simply wants to eat healthier. The range includes plant-based options such as falafel with hummus, lentil dumplings, tabbouleh, stuffed sweet potatoes and cauliflower steak.

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