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Omnipork is the New Pork

Right Treat was established with the mission to innovate food that will treat us right, treat the planet right, and treat animals right. The first product under Right Treat is a revolutionary plant-based pork alternative called “Omnipork” – one that is set to be a game changer for Asia and the world.

According to David Yeung, global environmental advocate and founder of Green Monday, Green Common and now Right Treat, was recently awarded by The Schwab Foundation For Social Entrepreneurship the 2018 Social Entrepreneurs of the Year.

“The philosophy behind Right Treat is that we believe achieving long-term win-win-win among the planet, mankind and animals is possible. There should be no trade-off between food taste satisfaction and personal well-being. Consumption and enjoyment of this generation should not become liability and suffering for future generations and other beings.” David said. “With our game-changing Omnipork, it is designed to be an all-purpose plant-based pork analogue that is nutritional superior and environmentally friendly.”

Omnipork balls
©Right Treat

Omnipork can be seasoned many ways and can be steamed, pan-fried, deep fried, stuffed, crumbled or used as meatballs.  The main selling point of this product is its versatility which can be used creatively by chefs and end-users and applied for infinite culinary possibilities.

Numerous restaurant partners have already launched specific Omnipork menus, including Cordis Hotel Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong and King of Sheng Jian.

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