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Redefine Meat and Classic Fine Foods Partner to Bring “New-Meat” to High-End Restaurants

Redefine Meat and Classic Fine Foods have joined forces to bring the former’s plant-based “New-Meat” to high-end dining venues in England and Wales.

The latest development from the Israeli firm closely follows the news from earlier this month that Michelin chef Marco Pierre White has expanded his collaboration with Redefine, adding 3D printed lamb and beef to his spring menus across the UK.

“We see Redefine Meat and Classic Fine Foods as a perfect match”

Classic Fine Foods is a distributor specialising in gourmet foods. The company will offer Redefine’s entire range to clients, including plant-based beef and lamb flanks and three minced products (the Redefine Burger, Redefine Sausage, and Redefine Kebab).

The new collaboration will allow chefs and restaurateurs at Michelin-star restaurants, hotels, and other dining venues to improve their plant-based offerings. Redefine says its meat alternatives are comparable to high-quality animal meat in taste, texture, and aroma, adding that its technology can “produce any cut of meat a cow can”.

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“World’s first” high-end plant-based whole cuts

Redefine’s beef and lamb flanks first launched in November, claiming to be the first ever high-end plant-based whole cuts. The products quickly received praise from a range of high-end and Michelin-star chefs, including Marco Pierre White, Ron Blaauw, Joachim Gerner, and Shahaf Shabtay.

In January, Redefine raised $135 million to expand worldwide. Then, in April, the company launched at high-end department store Selfridge’s, cementing its focus on luxury dining.

“Classic Fine Foods is renowned for its exceptional quality of products and unique gourmet offerings,” said Callum Braddock, VP of Business Development UK at Redefine Meat. “Our New-Meat products will continue to strengthen Classic’s portfolio to provide high-end restaurants and hotels with a new range of gourmet creations that will inspire chefs and food lovers. This is why we see Redefine Meat and Classic Fine Foods as a perfect match, always striving to deliver the best products to satisfy even the most carnivorous meat-lovers.” 

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