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Resorts World Las Vegas Opens First Vegan Fine Dining with Crossroads Kitchen and Crossroads Burger

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Resorts World Las Vegas announces the highly anticipated Crossroads Kitchen and CB|Crossroads Burgers are now open at its resort complex, marking the first plant-based fine-dining restaurant to appear on the Las Vegas Strip. 

“Our expansion within Resorts World Las Vegas points to the evolving mainstream appeal of plant-based cuisine”

According to Resorts World, the two restaurants offer guests an upscale and indulgent experience that redefines plant-based dining. Led by Chef Tal Ronnen, the latest Crossroads Kitchen is based on the original beloved restaurant in Los Angeles, while CB|Crossroads Burgers is a fast-casual plant-based concept. The 162-seat Crossroads Kitchen in Vegas features the same dark woods and deep red banquette tables that the Melrose Avenue restaurant is famed for, along with full bar seating and a private dining room. 

Crossroads Kitchen Dessert
© Resorts World Las Vegas/ Crossroads Kitchen

Upscale + casual

The menu will offer Crossroad’s signature Mediterranean-inspired menu, as well as exclusive specialty items such as Chestnut Foie Gras (roasted chestnuts with cabernet demi-glace, grilled sourdough, celery leaf, and grapes), Chips and Caviar (waffle chips with Kite Hill sour cream and seaweed-based caviar), plus off-menu favorites from the LA restaurant such as Spaghetti and Meatballs and Fettucine Alfredo. 

As Crossroad’s new casual brand, CB|Crossroads Burgers will serve custom sausages made with crafted plant-based casings, as well as classic burgers, fries and ice cream sundaes at a quick-service counter. Guests have the option to dine inside the 24-seat venue, order takeaway, or request delivery directly to their hotel rooms or poolside cabanas. 

Crossroads Kitchen Dining Room
©Resorts World Las Vegas/ Crossroads Kitchen

Shaping plant-based dining

“Our expansion within Resorts World Las Vegas points to the evolving mainstream appeal of plant-based cuisine,” said Chef Tal Ronnen, founder of Crossroads Kitchen and author of The Conscious Cook. “When Crossroads Kitchen first opened in 2013, it was a rarity, the first upscale, entirely plant-based restaurant with a full bar. Now, with our new locations, I’m excited to continue shaping the perception of plant-based dining with Resorts World and serve delicious, refined food that appeals to vegans and flexitarians alike.”

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