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Shanghai Disney Resort Launches Vegan Menu

Shanghai Disney Resort has launched a new line of plant-based cuisines, catering to the rising interest in veganism in Asia, according to our Chinese correspondants at Vegans of Shanghai.

In Shanghai Disney Resort, all major quick service restaurant locations will now offer plant-based options on the menu. Guests can find plant-based food at quick service restaurants including Truffle Mushroom Clay at Mickey and Pals, Vegetable Patties, Gluten Mushroom with Rice at Barbossa’s Bounty, GongBao Bamboo Shoot and Mushrooms with Rice at Pinocchio’s Village Kitchen, Fermented Glutinous Rice Vegetable Burger with Fries at Stargazer Grill, Baked Sweet Potato with Mix Bean Ragout at Toy Box Café and Vegetables with Sweet & Sour Sauce and Rice at Tangled Tree Tavern. A large range of plant-based desserts are also available, including Caramel Mix Nuts Banana Cake at Remy’s Patisserie and Cranberry Pudding with Mango Comport at Remy’s Patisserie.

Speaking with China’s Plantbased Consulting, Disney’s executive chef said of the development, “Overconsumption is now a normal phenomena in our continually developing society. We spend a lot on meat on a daily basis. Thus, it is important to balance our diets with more plant-based foods, which is also better for our bodies from a nutritional standpoint. The demand for a healthier lifestyle has driven up the popularity of fitness, which in turn has increased the demand for healthier foods. Plant-based foods are very much in line with this healthier way of eating. Though, the most important issue is environmental protection. Consumption of animals has a greater impact on our use of resources and the environment. Thus, more people opting for plant-based foods is an inevitable trend.”

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