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Starbucks: Two Smoothies Added to Vegan Drink Range

Starbucks is expanding its vegan range by introducing two 100% dairy-free “Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies”. The coffee-house chain is responding to the increasing demand from customers for plant-based options. Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, told Business Insider how important plant-based alternatives are for attracting new customers.

Dairy-free ice creams are particularly in demand in summertime. Nielsen Product Insider expects a sales growth of 25% for plant-based ice creams. In addition to the two existing vegan drinks from Starbucks – “Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato” and “Cinnamon Milk Macchiato” – the company is now introducing two dairy-free smoothies. These are available in the flavours “dark chocolate banana” and “vanilla honey banana”, and are both made from almond milk.

In addition to these vegan drinks, Starbucks also offers vegan biscuits, lentil salad and oatmeal. The coffee-house chain has also announced that it will offer a cold vegan protein beverage in the future.

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